Are you an @GLOBEProgram teacher?  If so, tune in to my GLOBE webinar on creating science posters on Thursday February 11, 2016 at 3 pm EST/1 pm MST.  This webinar is in preparation for the GLOBE Program 2016 International Virtual Science Fair (deadline to submit is March 11, 2016).

I dug up my very first poster presentation from the 2007 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union ( to use as an example of what not to do for science poster.  The poster is over 9 years old and oh my did it need some helpful poster presentation tips.  Check it out:


My first AGU poster, presented in 2007. Based on my Masters research, later published in JGR Atmospheres (Burakowski et al. 2008).

So much text!  And such tiny text!  Itty bitty figures!  Too many typos and grammatical errors to count.  Did I even proofread this thing?

Tune in tomorrow to the GLOBE webinar for teachers to see how I improved and revised the poster!